——————————— About Us ———————————


Founded in 2015, OBD Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as OBD) is a full-supply chain solution provider, jointly established by professional logistics people, and those experienced in supply chain field, to meet the clients’ demands who are from European and American countries. The headquarter is in Shenzhen, and OBD has offices and warehouses in Hong Kong, Dongguan, Yiwu, Ningbo, Changsha, and the US, UK, DE.

OBD focuses on providing the highest quality service experience to customers world-wild, providing customers with a new supply chain integration solution. Our company mainly provides cross-border e-commerce logistics services with domestic warehouses and overseas warehouses as the connection points, including logistics services such as express, air, sea and railway transportation, warehousing, sourcing, inspection, return and replacement handling, and payment service. Our company is committed to the establishment and development of a global supply chain service network, through the accumulation of industry over the past years, we have formed a relatively complete network of cooperation, especially in the United States and Europe, with mature and complete local warehousing and logistics partners. Our core strengths are our strong resource integration capabilities and the long-term accumulation of quality customer relationships. We have always created the most value for our customers with agile and fast response and thoughtful and meticulous service, and we are committed to customized solutions for our customers.

We have enabled the company to achieve a stable and healthy development in the fine management of all customer's features. Committed to customized solutions to create the most trusted supply-chain solution provider. OBD is one of the earliest companies in China involved in providing supply chain management to customers abroad. It is currently a leader in the cross-border e-commerce market as a full supply-chain company providing multi-function service and solution.

The company's vision: to expand cross-border integrated business services centered in China warehouses and overseas warehouses, to create a supply chain management company that makes global cross-border merchants trust!

——————————— Our Advantage ———————————

Offer In Advance


Before you confirm your purchase order with factory, we will always help to discuss and provide logistics solutions so that you can calculate your profits and understand the competition to make a better decision.

Order Tracking


After you confirm the product order,   also obtaining your permission, we will persistent to make order production follow-up and feedback, and make transportation arrangements in advance.

Track In Time


You can check the progress of your goods in real time through our system, and at the same time,   our professional customer service team will update the status of the goods to you in a timely and proactive manner.

Customized Service


A professional business team provides customized consulting services and solution,we will persistent to optimize your supply chain processes, saving you energy, time and money.

Contact Information
Add:No. 133, Huangtian Jinli Comprehensive Building,Xixiang Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen (Feikuitong Logistics Park)
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