We streamline your Amazon sourcing, quality control, and shipping process from China, and simplify your business transaction and communication with different agents.

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Sourcing Service


China, purchasing, shipment following up, quality control and RMB payment, lower your procurement costs and communication costs.


Warehousing Service


Provide professional purchasers to help you to handle shipments in Provide packaging, labeling/re-labeling, inspection, warehousing services according to your requirements and Amazon related rules


Logistics Service


According to your requirement, through a combination of different modes of transportation, you can customize one-on-one logistics solutions for you.

Why Us?

Provide customized solution, to save time, money, and keep shipments safe.

Save Time
By outsourcing your sourcing, packing, and logistic by us, you save more time to focus on your customer service, marketing, and sales.
Save Money
After years of being in the market, our professional sourcing team has learned to get good discounts and have partnerships with airlines, courier, and freight companies. Take advantage of the lower labor cost in China you'll get lower cost for sourcing and shipping.


When you have a different requirement than the standard service, we will have a professional business team to provide you with customized solutions, and promptly give you feedback on the progress of each step.

Guaranteed Privacy
We know that you might need to protect your product from competition. We guarantee that your secret is safe with us as we keep your product discreet through our whole process, we prohibit anyone from revealing you and your product information.

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