OBD powers local freight with a wide range of services that address the needs of shippers.


OBD leverages extensive port and terminal relationships to expedite drayage across the US, the UK, and Germany offering our shippers access to their goods days faster than otherwise possible, and saving tens of thousands of dollars in storage and warehousing fees.

OBD also has an independent trailer transport company which with over 30 trailers in China, carrying out container transport in mainland China.

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Intermodal is the way shipping your goods through a combination of truckload, railway, air transport.

OBD’s technology-based approach and integrations seamlessly connect with the back-end operations of steamship lines, terminals, rail lines, and air cargo providers to add capacity, lower costs and minimize environmental impact.


Less than truckload (LTL) shipping allows multiple shippers to share space on the same truck. If your shipment is larger than a parcel but isn’t large enough to qualify as an entire truckload, less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping is what you need. The LTL shipping route is also ideal for businesses that have freight shipments of less than 15,000 pounds.

Benefits of LTL:
Reduces costs: You only pay for the portion of the trailer used. The rest of the cost is covered by the other occupants of the trailer’s space.
Increases security: Most LTL shipments are packaged onto pallets that has a better chance of remaining secure than shipments with multiple smaller handling units.

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Full Truckload Services is a mode of freight for larger shipments that typically occupy more than half and up to the full capacity of a 48’ or 53’ trailer. This method is commonly used when shippers decide they have enough items to fill a truck, want their shipment in a trailer by itself, the freight is time-sensitive or the shipper decides it’s more cost-effective than other options.

Benefits of Full Truckload Services shipping
Faster transit times: The shipment goes directly to its destination whereas LTL shipments will make multiple stops before reaching the drop-off location.
Less chance of damage: Full truckload shipments are generally less susceptible to damages as they are handled fewer times than LTL shipments.
Rates: If shipments are large enough to require the entire use of a trailer’s space, it could be more cost-effective than booking multiple LTL shipments.

Partial truckload

A partial truckload is a freight mode for large shipments that may not require the use of a full truckload trailer. It is between LTL and full truckload, typically involving shipments over 5,000 pounds or 6 or more pallets.
If your freight is light but takes up a lot of space if your freight is fragile, you are concerned about freight damage, but they do not reach the full truckload, you can choose this option.

Benefits of the partial truckload
One truck: Partial truckload shipping allows your freight to stay on one truck for the duration of transit. When only one truck is involved, the freight is loaded and unloaded one time, which means less handling and faster transit times than LTL.
Less freight handling: When freight is handled less, the chance for damage is reduced. Partial truckload can be ideal for shipments susceptible to damage during loading and unloading.

Partial truckload

Local Shipping Made Easy

We now offer service in most major port cities and their surrounding areas.