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Services & Capabilities

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Sourcing Suppliers

We source using a wide variety of resources available to our team including our existing database, relationship factories across industries, and other channels. We also aim to get the best possible pricing by working with ground level factories that have more competitive prices than suppliers on online platforms many.

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We have a Chinese negotiation team with more than 10 years of combined negotiation experience which in most cases allows us to dig factories not easy to find online but more importantly negotiate better terms for – Pricing, payment terms, trade terms & AQL Levels.

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Full inspection for your goods by our own professional  QC team is included in the  Sourcing Service without any additional costs. Additional inspections can be added as required.

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Chinese Contracts

We sign contracts with the suppliers to ensure various QC clauses are added and there is a clear mechanism for dispute resolution. Being based in China we can also pursue these contracts if things go wrong.

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Managing Payments

We manage the payments so that cost savings can be achieved (for e.g. when paying multiple suppliers) & risks can be managed (i.e. instant payment to suppliers after inspection of goods, so possession of goods can be taken avoiding the risk of “swapping” of goods post inspection).

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Product Evolution

With most of our clients we cooperate as their China office and our relationship continues post-shipment, as the clients send us feedback to help evolve the product over time, based on the reviews and feedback they get from their customers. We work with factories to make improvements to the product as well as continue to find backup factories where required in order to ensure stable supply and competitive pricing as our clients grow.

Order Process



Get in touch with our team, and we can discuss your product specs, timeline, and quantity.



Most production varies between 3-5 weeks.



Our team will prepare a quote for you after discussing your product specs with our factories.


Quality Control

Nearing the end of the production, a member of our team will do a full QC report to ensure the order is to spec and initial sampling.

Confirm Order

Confirm Order/Design

Depending on your order, it may require a custom design. Approval is required before sampling and production.


Balance Payment

Once you're happy with the production results, the balance payment is required to ship your order.



Once you're happy with our quote and design, a deposit is made to commence your order.


Shipping & Storage

Orders are shipped via our own logistic company by sea,  air, train, or truck. We also have a warehouse for you to consolidate with any orders.

How Can We Fast Grow Your Business?

OBD is not only a China sourcing agency but your long-term partner.
For different business models, we will tailor our services to best support your business.

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Small Business

If you can invest over $500 in a product, we can help you find a factory to make your products, customize packaging, and achieve your brand dreams.

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We can serve all your eCommerce requirements, including private labeling, FNSKU stickers, Pick and Pack, shipping to Amazon, drop-shipping from China for Shopify, eBay sellers.

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Product Development

If you have a product idea but don’t know how to get it produced, we guide you step by step.

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Medium or Large Business

We have a customer support team that specializes in providing refined, comprehensive services for large-scale customers to support your growing business.

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