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How Amazon sellers reduce bad reviews?

As consumer demands increase and upgrade, manufacturers and sellers are faced with the need to constantly improve product consistency and safety while maintaining a competitive price position.

Like the top Amazon, sellers are especially concerned about product quality. They know very clearly that the products sold must be consistent with the description, the products are safe and non-hazardous, and the packaging meets the relevant regulations of customs, platform, and transportation. Only by not accepting any defective products can we reduce complaints, reduce recalls, and reduce the risk of stores being closed, so as to protect the brand and develop in the long run.

100% Inspection is key to ensuring quality and increasing brand protection.

More and more Amazon sellers find us, hoping that we can help them in quality control in China because they often receive complaints about product quality problems. Even if some of them have chosen a third-party inspection company to conduct random inspections, the parts that are not sampled still bring losses, so they can’t wait to have a professional inspection team do the 100% inspections on their products, minimize the risk.

OBD China warehouse is conducting 100% inspections for overseas customers throughout the year, including more than 10 clients who are the Top 10 Amazon sellers in different categories. Indeed, the bigger the seller, the more concerned about product quality. Conversely, it is precise because they have strict standards for product quality that they can be the best seller.

OBD has a professional QC team to inspect and give feedback on product quality, they also study the requirements of online e-commerce platforms such as Amazon for products and packaging. At the same time, our logistics team is familiar with the needs of packaging, labels, and marks in the transportation process. Our sales staff will also assist you in connecting with Chinese suppliers, continue to follow up, and promote quality improvement. You must know the team like OBD is how important for customers who are not on-site.

If you are encountering complaints due to product quality problems, which affect sales and cause losses, please pay attention to the inspection service and control the risk before ship out. OBD’s service team will be happy to solve the problems with you.

Post time: Nov-01-2021