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What is FBA-PREP?

Workers In Warehouse Preparing Goods For Dispatch

When sellers send their inventory to FBA, it is not simply a case of throwing everything into a box and handing it over to a courier. There are in fact a number of strict rules that your stock must meet in order to be accepted at the Fulfillment Center. If you get it wrong, Amazon won’t accept your stock and you’ll have to pay to have it all returned. Worse still, if you send the damaged stock into Amazon and it gets mistakenly sent to a customer, they are likely to complain and return the item. If these complaints start to stack up, it’s going to affect your metrics and see your listing suppressed, or even your account suspended.

FBA prep is the process of getting your inventory ready to send into Amazon. By packaging, labeling, inspection, and shipping solutions to avoid the above risk.

Why OBD Prep Service?

Amazon Compliant Packaging

Amazon constantly changing what it takes to sell on their platform. Packaging and the right labeling are a headache for each product, we keep up to date on all of it. Whether it‘s a box, polybag, bubble wrap, or even multiple labels we take the safest and most compliant approach. Avoid charges or even product refusal at an Amazon FBA center. We'll take care of the packaging.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Each Account manager is rigorously trained to answer and help with any prep situation. No question is too little or too big, they can help. From on-boarding to the last package out of the door for a large shipment they will be your trained guide through this Amazon jungle.

Your personally assigned team

Save time and leave the logistics part to us.

To keep things going smooth and easy to handle we assign a specific Prep team to your products. These prep workers will know your products and processes inside and out for a quick and efficient turn-around. Each team member is heavily trained to become a shipping master. All employees sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement for maximum safety and peace of mind.

Reach your goal anywhere

If your manufacturer or supplier is in China, we recommend fulfilling your orders in our China fulfillment center in Dongguan. You can enjoy a cost-effective handling fee, 90 days of free warehousing, and a lot of shipping options ship from China to worldwide as fast as 3 days.

If you want to enhance your customers’ shopping experiences and provide FBA-standard services, you can keep your inventory in our global fulfillment centers. Our pricing is much simpler and affordable than FBA warehouses.

Our Process


You Ship

You fill out our simple packing list form so we know what to expect.
You may Ship directly to our address, or we will pick up your goods from the supplier or warehouse.
You will be sent a notification on your email when we get your inventory, and we will do a surface carton inspection, count your quantities, so you know that we got your products in the warehouse. We will let you know if there are any discrepancies.


We Prep

We'll receive a notification when you uploaded your plan and then
When you want to send an amazon shipment you just create an order and send us the labels, we prep your merchandise, print your FNKSU's, upload box content info, print shipping labels, and handle the shipping by ourselves or pickups with Amazon partnered carriers.



Generally within 24-48 hours after we got your order, your shipment will be completely processed and shipped.
You will get notified when your amazon shipment is prepared and sent to Amazon, you will also get notified by us when your amazon shipment reaches amazon.

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  • When the product is 100% produced, before or after the product is packaged, we will inspect the appearance, handwork, function, safety, and check quality required by the customer in our full inspection warehouse according to customer requirements. Strictly distinguish between good and bad products, and report the inspection results to customers in a timely manner. After the inspection is completed, the good products are packed in boxes and sealed with special tape. The defective products will be returned to the factory with the defective product details. OBD will ensure that each product shipped meets your quality requirements

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